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Over the last few months between weddings, photoshoots and studio applications I've been working on plans to relaunch my blog to give it a bit of a makeover...and here it is! This is going to be my place to share gorgeous brides and fashion-forward shoots, and it'll also become a bit of a hub for all things beautiful.


To celebrate the relaunch of the S.A.K. DESIGNS blog I'm giving my previous brides, bridesmaids and mothers of the bride the chance to WIN a complimentary make-up application! Just share your professional pics with me on social media using the #SAKbrides and you could also be featured on the blog! I can't wait to reminisce...


We are heading in to the busiest part of wedding season now, here's hoping our NI weather plays ball! Whether you're a bride, in the bridal party or even a guest here are some tips from me to help you look after that lovely skin of yours:

1. Suncream – it’s a must ladies. It is so so important to look after your skin daily incorporating a SPF into your skincare regime (even in winter) and especially on the lead up to your wedding. With more bridal parties opting for hen do’s abroad and our little glimmers of sunshine the last thing you need is sunburn and dehydrated skin! 
2. Start from within - Good skin = good makeup and more importantly what we invest in our bodies will show in our skin. It sounds cliché but drinking water is always up there on my list of advice, hydration is key.  
3. Clean your makeup brushes - I constantly see ladies trying to achieve beautiful makeup with dirty brushes. Just think of the old product not to mention dead skin cells you are buffing into your skin trying to achieve a flawless complexion. It can also be a cause of breakouts. I use the stylPro brush cleaning system to clean my brushes but also recommend a gentle shampoo and look warm water to deep clean your brushes on a regular basis allowing them to air dry off the side of a window sill or bench.   

I’m really excited Katrina Doran, Beauty Expert at Belfast Live, makeup artist on Game of Thrones and former Sugahfix boss lady, will be taking over my Instagram account soon to talk all things skincare! Katrina has a wealth of knowledge and experience with 20+ years as a beauty writer. Good news is, if you like it, I’ll be sure to make it a regular feature! I'll keep you posted.

 Chat to you soon!

          Stacey xx