How to cover under eye dark circles!

The £1M question answered! 

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If I had £1 for every time I was asked this question I'd get rich quick, as would every other makeup artist out there! 

Dark circles under the eyes are a concern for a lot of ladies! So, how do you cover them?! 

1) Be honest - do you really have dark circles? Sounds silly I know but we are particularly hard on ourselves and see things other people do not. So firstly, do you actually have dark circles? Dark circles are shadows under the eyes usually blue / purple / grey in undertone for Caucasian (paler) skin tones. Ladies with deeper skin tones will experience pigmentation and under eye dark circles in tones of brown / black. Other conditions under the eyes which need to be treated differently include under eye bags / puffiness, dehydration and fine lines / wrinkles.

2) If you definitely do have dark circles then read on...

So firstly access the severity of the situation (be honest to yourself again!)  With severe dark circles it is essential to colour correct under the eye first to neutralise the dark circles before proceeding. With dark circles in blue / grey undertones PEACH colour corrector will cancel out the bluish undertones. For brown pigmentation under the eyes then APRICOT colour corrector will cancel out the brown undertones. 

delilah farewell colour corrector

delilah cosmetics farewell colour correctors (£26) keep this simple and have both PEACH and APRICOT colour correctors for this purpose.

3) If you still require concealer or the severity isn't just as intense then a concealer such as delilah take cover radiant cream concealer (£22) will be perfect for you! This game changing concealer has a medium to full coverage containing light reflective pigments that softens the appearance of dark circles. Enriched with vitamin E and acanthium flower extract it assists with cell regeneration helping to repair imperfections and hide the signs of fatigue! 


4) If all else fails - throw glitter under your eyes and sparkle! Or visit me at the studio and I'll help you out! 

Full range of delilah cosmetics is available at the studio. Paraben free, dermatologically tested and not tested on animals. 

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