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You will all know how much I LOVE my job and LOVE doing makeup! The one thing I do not love just so much is washing my brushes, although I do thoroughly wash and sanitise my brushes after every client. That's a lot of brush washing! 

In February I had the pleasure of attending the Professional Beauty show in London. A fantastic event for beauty and makeup professionals to learn about new products and techniques. One product that caught my eye even before going was the stylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner and Drier! A product from Inventor Tom of The Apprentice, a show I totally love. The prospect of this doing what it said was just too exciting! For years my fellow makeup artists and I have been dreaming of such a product! My first stop at the show was the stlPro stand and to my absolute delight it was incredible and the best bit was the brushes were cleaned and dried in seconds!

As with anything new to the market I wanted to test this product before blogging about it so I have been using this for all my brush washing duties for the past 4 weeks! I can honestly say I LOVE it. During my testing period I have used this product with the cleansing solution which comes with it, I have also tried Isopropanol alcohol, standard liquid soap and water and other branded brush cleaners. Each cleanser had fantastic results but I must admit I have never seen my brushes look just as clean as when I use the stylPro cleansing solution. It was developed specifically to remove Double Wear foundation from a kabuki brush, anyone who knows these two products will know that is quite the task. I have also let my four year old son try this out and he was able to wash my brushes perfectly, that's how easy it is. I must admit this was a one-off occasion, I do not get my four year old to wash my brushes lol. I am quite fussy when it comes to hygiene and always wash my brushes myself, however with this system I am able to delegate this task to any willing helper and know that the results will be exactly what I want. After three weeks of constant use I found I needed to change the batteries in the spinning device as it was losing power and not working as well, once the batteries were changed it was back to full capacity. You might find that some of your tinier brushes are too small for the smallest fitting, Tom has assured me he is working on new attachments and is constantly working on developing the product to meet the many demands of the beauty industry. This only applies to one of my eye liner brushes but I simply dip it in the solution and wipe it on a tissue and it is sparkling and dry.  


A totally unique way to hygienically clean and dry makeup brushes in seconds.

Why is it better? 

Uses centrifugal spin technology so that brushes are literally ready to re-use in seconds. No more messy basins or waiting hours for brushes to dry.


The story behind the product...

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If you are a makeup artist, makeup enthusiast, makeup wearer, general gadget lover or hygiene freak I'm pretty certain you will also love this product. 

Here's some of my top tips when using it;

1) To manage your brush cleaning process more effectively separate your brushes before starting by size of the brush handle so you do not have to change the attachment each time. 

2) Use your standard cleaning method for powder products such as liquid soap or shampoo and water and keep your cleansing solution for more stubborn products such as liquid foundations and cream products. 

3) Read the instruction manual! It has some fantastic troubleshooting tips, although it's a very easy system to use. 

I have totally put my faith in this product and am really excited to let you know I will now be retailing the stylPro Brush Cleaner and Drier and have it in stock ready to go

The stylPro Brush Cleanser and Drier retails at £49.99 and comes with a 2 year warranty.  For my first 12 customers you will also receive a FREE bottle of stylPro brush cleansing solution worth £14.99. 

Want one?? Get in touch today at info@sakdesigns.co.uk to order. 

Love Stacey xx

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